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Vendor Selection


The RFP (Request for Proposal) cycle can be a long and painful process, and still often fails to deliver a solution to really fit a company's needs.  How many times have you heard of a company going through a detailed RFP process with hundreds of requirements, only to find "surprise" extra charges or to implement a system that doesn't fully work?  


JDI believes in working smarter, not harder.  Let JDI show you how we significantly reduce time and impact to your valuable staff.  We understand that Legal, IT, Business and Executive branches have different, but equally important, needs when selecting a vendor. Real world experience and proven methodology allow us to assist you in uncovering the best options for your business, better and faster than performing the work in-house.

There are a lot of sourcing and procurement professionals who will tell you that you need a RFP process for every purchase.  We just don't believe that's true.  Many times, a JDI Market Scan will allow you to assess the environment and review the viable solutions - taking a fraction of time as compared to a full blown Request for Proposal process.  

Contract Negotiations


Contract Negotiations are the core of our business.  It's what we do, and we do it well.  JDI consistently delivers real dollar savings to our customers, proving that if you are not using an expert trained in negotiations, with experience in vendor terms and pricing, you are leaving money on the table.  Companies will try us because they have a specific concern.  They stay with JDI Consulting because of the impressive ROI we deliver.  


Ensuring you are paying the best price is essential, but JDI believes that the actual contract terms and conditions that govern your purchase are equally as critical.  You need a contract that represents what you bought and protects your company.  At JDI Consulting, we ensure your contract includes terms that hold the vendor accountable for delivering what they promise, protect your data and intellectual property and fully cover your purchase.  JDI also listens to your unique business needs and ensures the requirements that are critical for success are included in each contract. We believe in tough, but fair, negotiating and maintain excellent relationships with vendors.   Our clients win time and time again.  


Spend Analysis
JDI reviews your contracts, identifies the outliers where you are paying too much and renegotiates to lower your cost and deliver savings.  JDI leverages our market intelligence and years of experience in contract review and negotiations to ensure we reduce your expenses and deliver outstanding savings.  If there are no savings, there is no fee.  


Gap Analysis

Where does your sourcing, procurement and vendor management stand in relation to best practices?  Vendor management without JDI's gap analysis, parallels a treasure hunt without a map.  Our tailored gap analysis offers a reality check by identifying the gaps between your current vendor management and best practices. The engagement time is typically four to eight weeks with minimal impact to your staff.  JDI Consulting does not believe in pie in the sky requirements that look good on paper but are impossible to implement in the real world. We work with you to review the total list of requirements, prioritize based on the unique needs of your company and identify real-world opportunities for improvement.  Upon completion, you will receive a visual analysis and executive summary that can be used to inform executive management. JDI's gap analysis will position your company for greater success. 


Mergers & Aquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions generate a lot of opportunities, but also create a lot of challenges. Daily activities need to be maintained while also shouldering many time-consuming responsibilities as new business is transitioned.  Current customers need continued unwavering support while new customers seek clarity and reassurance. You have to efficiently run your existing business as you assess the incoming venture.  It's no wonder that contracts take a back seat often causing essential terms, termination dates and critical issues to be missed.  Do what you do best and let us handle the rest.  JDI reduces impact and increases savings by utilizing elite methods to assess the merger/acquisition contracts, uncover areas of savings, identify risks, work through assignments and negotiate terminations. Vendors are getting stringent on early terminations and more frequently impose additional fees for merger and acquisition activity.  JDI successfully works with your business entities and your vendors. We manage contract reviews, administration and negotiations. We are also diligent in our organization and documentation of the merger/acquisition contracts.  Upon completion, you will receive a detailed assessment of the contracts and associated actions for reference, should future questions arise. 

Policy, Process & Methodology


Do you have a formal vendor management policy?  If not, you should.  We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach and we don’t believe in writing something that looks good on paper but will never work in the real world.  JDI Consulting understands vendor management and can work with you to develop a vendor management policy, process and methodology that will be unique to your company and work in practice, not just theory.  

Vendor Management


Do you have a vendor that you suspect is too expensive or not performing?  JDI will assess your contract, review competitor products, and formulate a strategy based on our knowledge gained through thousands of previous negotiations.  We will work with you to fix what’s broken.  You’ll be amazed at the results.    You'll be amazed at the savings.  

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