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Expense Reduction


Based on my budget and requirements, what is the best solution for my company? 

There are so many vendors - how do I make sure the solution will actually work for our unique company needs?

How do I hold

the vendor accountable?



How do I make sure

I am getting the

best price?

How do I find the hidden "gotchas" embedded in the

vendor contracts?

How do I make sure I am signing a contract

that is fair?

How do I hold

the vendor accountable?



Is there a way to reduce expenses and save money with my current vendors?

Am I paying too much?

I just acquired a company, how do I successfully assimilate their contracts with our book of business?

How to I hold

the vendor accountable?



Are there better or cheaper options to what I am currently using?

I keep having issues with a vendor, how can I resolve?

I bought this product and it's not working,

what can I do?

How do I hold

the vendor accountable?

Susan Miller - Founding Partner of JDI Consulting
Susan Miller
President and Founding Partner


JDI Consulting was founded in 2016 by entrepreneur and business woman, Susan Miller.  With more than 20 years experience in building and managing a successful Fortune 100 vendor management office, Susan is an expert in expense reduction, sourcing, procurement, complex contract negotiations as well as building a real world vendor management office.  

Susan founded JDI on the belief of being fair and delivering extreme value that translates

to hard dollar savings for JDI clients.  

A physician focuses on medicine.  A mechanic focuses on cars.

 JDI focuses on expense reduction and vendor management.  

Don't put yourself in the vulnerable position of negotiating contracts when that is not your specialty.  Keep doing what you do best and leave your vendor management needs to JDI because when it comes to your business, good should never be good enough.


JDI Core Offerings are focused on the life cycle of sourcing , procurement and vendor management.  We do this every day with skilled success.  The ROI for our clients speaks for itself.  Let us help you with your vendor management, sourcing and procurement needs.


At JDI Consulting, we built a team of talented and valued individuals. Get to know the people that make JDI an amazing organization. 


We believe a great contract delivers savings and also has terms and conditions that protect your company. JDI Consulting listens to our customers and ensures the unique requirements for each project are incorporated into the final contract.    

Because Good Should

Never Be Good Enough

What Our Clients Say...

“Until JDI came in, our vendors owned us. Over the past two years, we have received more than a 6:1 return on the money we spent with JDI.”

Patrick Hartman, Chief Accounting Officer
Bank of the Cascades
Jerry Koetter, President
Koetter Woodworking

"We are a small company with no experience with purchasing software.  JDI adapted their process to meet our unique company needs, helped us understand the risks associated with our cloud software purchase and shared their knowledge with our staff. We would use them again in a heartbeat."  

Senior Project Manager,
Northwest Blues Plan


"Highly recommend leveraging the expertise of JDI Consulting for contract negotiations.  On one project we recognized over $1M savings through these efforts."

What Our Vendors Say...

Data Analytics Software Vendor

"JDI has been responsive, cordial, reachable, well-organized and prepared. 

JDI has my highest recommendation.”

"JDI isn’t focused on an individual win, but on a win for all involved and creating the platform for a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship."

Agile Development Software Vendor

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